T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Under wear, Sweet Shirt

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Woven wear

Shirt (Short sleeve & Long Sleeve, Pant, Bra,    Panty, Skirt,  Cap, Tie, Coat, Jeans Pant & Shirt, Girls Top, etc.


All kinds of Sweater(3,5,7,10 & 12  Gauge) & all color,size & Design are available.


All size( Short , Long & Dia), Color & Design , both kids & adult  Socks are  available.

Home Textile

Shirt (Short sleeve & Long Sleeve, Pant, Bra,    Panty, Skirt,  Cap, Tie, Coat, Jeans Pant & Shirt, Girls Top, etc.

Our Product Range:

We can Provide  Knit Fabrics from the finest 110 GSM fabric in 40s yarns  to the regular 145/150/180/220 GSM fabrics in all kinds of Jersey Pique fabrics to heavy 350 GSM fleece (Micro, Polar, CVC, Cotton ) .


We offer Cotton mixtures such as – Modal, Viscose, Polyester, Polyamide &  Elastant(Lycra/Spandex).


We can Provide Woven fabrics such as –Denim, Twill, Canvas, Panama, Rib stop, Corduroy,  Poplin etc. according to our Customers needs


. We have wide range of Textiles  sourcing  from Home & Abroad.


We can Provide  3,5,7,10 & 12 Gauge of Sweaters in many design including Jacquard.


We can Provide  all design & Dias,  long & Short ,Terry & Plain  Socks .


We can provides all sizes ,color, Style & Design Home Textiles products.


Our Production Capacity : 

Knit :    10,00,000  Pcs /Month.

Woven :  5,00,000  Pcs/Month.

Sweater : 2,50,000  Pcs/Month.

Socks :  10,00,000  Pcs/Month

Home Textiles : 1,00,000 Pcs/Month.


We can source more than this capacity  Prior to confirm at least 3 month before the Plane.  


Production Lead time :

Knit :      70 – 90 days after confirmation.


Woven :  90- 120 days after confirmation.


Sweater :  120-150 days after confirmation.


Socks :     70 – 90 days after confirmation.


Home Textiles :   90-120  days after confirmation.


Production follow up :


Production is follow up daily  by our Qualified team of Merchandisers who carefully track the  Status of raw materials, Accessories, Knitting, Dying Sewing etc.


S.H.APARELS   INTERNATIONAL was given Background in Manufacturing & we work along with the Factories & Provide them  with assistance should identify the cause of Production  delay  & Try to solve the Problem.

This way we   can  ensure maximum commitment to  just time delivery.



    Minimum Order Size:


     S.H.APARELS   INTERNATIONAL  does  not set any specific minimum order Quantities per style ,Color & Size. We will  support the client  regardless of the  Order Quantities. It  goes without  saying that higher Order Quantities will result  in more competitive Prices. We usually recommend our clients to place minimum Order Quantities of 3000 Pcs.  Per style or 1000 pcs per color.


Rules of Origin :


    One of the key advantages of sourcing from Bangladesh is the duty  free access to the European Union under the EBA(Everything but Arms) initiative. The EBA has been  created as special arrangements for LDCs (Least Developed Countries) & will be maintained for an unlimited  for an unlimited period of time. Goods are considered Originating from Bangladesh if there is  sufficient working /Processing . The normal Proof of Origin is the certificate of Origin form A.  In General that means at least “ From yarn forward” for knit . For Woven “From Fabric Forward” & Sweater “From Dyeing Forward”. When Quoting the prices based on the base size sample , S.H.APARELS  INTERNATIONAL will also check with the factory & the Export Promotion Bureau in Bangladesh to ensure that the product fully complies with the rules of Origin & a Form A can obtained.


Knit Wear :

T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Under wear, Sweet Shirt

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Shirt (Short sleeve & Long Sleeve), Pant, Bra,    Panty,  Skirt,

Cap, Tie, Coat, Jeans Pant & Shirt, Girls Top, etc.

Socks :

All kinds of Socks.(all Dias & styles).


All Kinds of Sweaters


Home Textiles:

All kinds of Home Textiles.